Online Consultation

Our online consultations are for anyone who wants to learn more about their Canadian immigration options, or for anyone who has specific questions that they would like answered relating to Canadian immigration. This service is not for anyone who is looking to have their application or profile reviewed. We offer separate services for profile and application reviews

Consultations range from 30 minutes to up to 60 minutes in duration.

Please note: Consultations are only for the main applicant and their spouse (including common-law spouses) and their children under the age of 22 (herein referred to as “specified family unit”). Consultations will not be done for anyone outside of this specified family unit. This means that if you book a consultation anyone outside of this specified family unit cannot join in the consultation. This means boyfriends/girlfriends/, siblings, parents, aunts/uncles, cousins, friends, etc will need to book their own consultation. We will also not discuss or review any documents for anyone outside of the specified family unit. Common-Law spouses will be required to provide documents proving 12 months of continuous co-habitation.

*If you are experiencing any issues to make a consultation booking please reach out to us at or +27 (0)14 941 08 02 

Our Consultants

Our online consultations can be booked with any one of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants.

Deanne Acres-Lans

I have over twelve years of experience in the Immigration field in both Canada and South Africa. I am a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and am currently a member in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

What’s included

Our online consultations can be booked with any one of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants.

60 Minute Consultation

Our 60 minute consultations are an excellent starting point for those who want to fully explore their Canadian immigration options. Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Deanne Acres-Lans, will go through all of your possible Canadian immigration options as well as how each immigration process works and what to expect from the process from the initial application up to landing in Canada.

30 Minute Consultation

Our 30 minute consultation is designed for those who know which questions they would like answered and do not need an in-depth explanation of the process. For those who require a more in-depth consultation, we recommend the 60 minute consultation.

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